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Mould Release Agents

Mould Release Agents

We supply two types of mould release agent to facilitate the opening of the moulds after drying.

  • Mouldmakers’ Soft Soap
  • Mould Release Oil

Mouldmakers’ Soft Soap is a non-hazardous composition of potassium soap and vegetable oil.

For best use as a release agent, it should be diluted 50:50 with warm water.

It is available in 20kg and 100kg drums.

Mould Release Oil is a chlorine-free macro-emulsion and is supplied in 20 litre containers.


Clay Additives

Clay Additives are added to the slip and/or the clay to attain a specific texture or colour.

The three types that we offer are :- 

  • Gum Arabic
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Veg Stain

Gum Arabic is a fine powder which gives elasticity to the clay when producing fine china pieces, such as figurines or flowers.

Sodium Silicate is added to the slip as a de-flocculant, which prevents particles in the slip from sticking together. This improves the quality and the flow of the casting slip.

Veg Stains allow the manufacturer to add different colours to the clay, in order to identify different types of clay body during the clay and casting process.

Essential Oils

We offer the following range of Essential Oils which can improve the quality and efficiency of the decorating process. These oils prevent the paint from drying too quickly, allowing the colours to stay open.

  • Aniseed Oil
  • Camphor Oil
  • Clove Oil
  • Pine Oil

Fat Oil is mixed with Turps to keep the paint in a fluid state, easy to work with

Other Liquids

Other Liquids

Adhesives - we offer a range of solvent-based and water-based adhesives for various applications.

Lissapol is a specialist mixture that releases the transfers/decals from the backing-paper to facilitate application of the patterns to the ware

Methylated Spirit is used as a general cleaning agent

Turpentine (Best Turps) and White Spirit are used to clean the brushes after decorating

Mould Varnishes and Cleansers

Mould Varnishes and Cleansers

Shellac Medium is a biodegradable ready-to-use mixture that acts as a varnish to protect the moulds from extreme atmospheric conditions such as damp, cold and heat.  We also supply Shellac flake.

Wax Emulsion is also applied as a varnish to protect the moulds from extreme atmospheric conditions.

Paraffin is used as a cleaning agent to ensure that the surfaces of the moulds are free from dust, dirt and grease.